Portable grout machine


# Name
1Ms.Patchara Jettabut
2Mr.Ekkachai Keanvongkham
3Ms.Phatthanan Permsap
4Mr.Patiphan Rodkhem
5Mr.Nat Tumsuwan


# Name
1Mr.Kullapong Amwan
2Miss Phonnapha Jullamas
3Miss.Thanaporn Bunnok
4Mr.Kittisak Maengklang
5Miss.Sunantha Simachan
6Mr.Poramas Cherdsuk
7Mr. Watcharin Sodsranoi
8Mr.Jedsadakorn Deewangyang
9Miss.Phattaranan Sudkham
10Mr.Aitsara Wongmaha

Suranaree Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Grouting is one step for installing ceramic tile,This will prevent the dust from getting into between the tile.Grouting are takes long time and user are taking to touch chemicals have negative side-effects to the body.The researcher has invented a Portable grout machine for facilitate more workers.

Features and Benefits

Portable grout machine can be grouting between the tile, That can packing grout have 250 cubic
centimeter and use for flat area only.And performance testing of Portable grout machine can be working faster than general grouting.
Portable grout machine can be facilitate more workers.User are not taking to touch chemicals and reduce in working time.