Spicy Banana with Whole Grains


# Name
1Mrs. Pornsawan Polwong


# Name
1Miss Sasiprapa janchiangsri
2Miss Oraya Nakthong

Suphanburi Vocational College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The development of Spicy Banana with Whole Grains, there are 3 aims, 1) To study the relationship between method and time for using heat in banana making 2) To study the ratio of syrup and white sesame to banana 3) To study the types of bananas to use for the Spicy Banana with Whole Grains. Experiment 1 Relationship of temperature and time of production. 2 Test the ratio of seasoning. 3 Sensory tests on appearance, color,smell, crispness. Overall Satisfaction and Testers scored in the most level.

Features and Benefits

Spicy Banana with Whole Grains is the snack products that made from banana fried until golden. The sauce is spicy and sour flavored by sprinkling with cereals, sesame seeds, millet, rice, which is beneficial to the health of the consumer.
1) Spicy Banana with Whole Grains is a product of bananas and whole grains, There are many benefits to consumers. 2) Use bananas, which are the local ingredients that overfill the market for maximum benefit. 3) Add value to the product. 4) Convenient packaging, no have contamination, maintaining quality product.