Alarm guard


# Name
1Kitiporn Nengbudkote
2Sumarin Manang


# Name
1Miss.Mayura Gantachean
2Mr.kritsada Namkhot

Banphai Industrial and Community Education College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The invention of warning system and preventing motorcycle theft or Alarm guard was created to help preventing motorcycle theft. From the study of its competency, research and data analysis was tested at statistical significance. When considered in each aspect, it was found that. 1. The competency of using equipment installed in the motorcycle. The horn was alerted. The result found that it can work 100% on the target. So that, Alarm guard can actually works. 2. The competency of Alarm guard receiver, it can alert to owner with sound if it has the motorcycle theft.

Features and Benefits

Based on the performance of the test, it can work with quality and efficiency. It has a quick alert. When there is the motorcycle theft, the system will sends a horn signal as a motorbike and notify the owner immediately.
1.The cost is not high.It is very easy to setup and does not require any installation of the application system.
2.Warning and preventing from the matorcycle theft.
3.It can develop the "Alarm Guard" towards in business and commercial.