# Name
1Miss Doossadeeporn Duangsri
2Miss Chanadda Pansuwan
3Dr.Somsak Petchpankan
4Mr.Banchong Lamkaeo


# Name
1Mr. Siharat Phokeaw
2Miss Natnaree Phukhang
3Miss Waraporn Pratumsooth
4Miss Anothai Duangkaew

Suphanburi College of Agriculture and Technology

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The agricultural area of the country is about 80% which most of soil lack of abundance because of high acidity. Moreover, soil that lacks beneficial microorganisms, that is well known as dead soil. The way to improve the soil has the ability to cultivate the plants to produce high quality and good quality, whether it is field crops, vegetables, fruits, and flowers and also will be a way to produce products that are safe from agricultural toxins. The research team realized the problem. Therefore, researchers studied, designed, created and developed bio-compost products to solve the above these problems

Features and Benefits

Bio-Compost come from the word Biological compost that refers to organic fertilizers that pass through the fermentation process of the waste of food, fruits and vegetables from the household including various organic matter, water-efficient microorganisms by a fermentation tank container that the researcher invented.Until these things change to Bio-Compost, It helps to improve soil fertility and helps to decompose organic matter of soil to be nutrients for plants.
1.Office of the Vocational Education Commission get new innovation that is the invention and production of bio-compost that can be used efficiently.
2.Help to increase soil fertility.
3.Improve soil to drain and well ventilate.
4.Help to preserve the environment.