Help up from mud


# Name
1Mrs.Chanpen Loboon
2Miss Nicha Sangrattanawong
3Miss Ratchaneewan Jantha
4Mr.Chattha Takkrathok
5Miss Pitchaya Promor


# Name
1Mr.Tanawut Yubram
2Miss Sunisa Pasawat

Satuk Industrial and Community Education College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The purpose of this research was to invent a device for getting stuck in the mud. The samples consisted of 12 people who come from Municipality and Community at Satuk District and Lam Plai Mat District, Buriram. The research instrument was a five rating scale questionnaire. The data were analyzed using by mean and standard deviation. The results of the study founded that the satisfaction of sample on this device was at a highest level with 4.57.

Features and Benefits

It is a device by using a locking pin of the locking device to help the car get from the mud and use the crank wheel as an engine to drive the car up from the mud.
1. Promoting the invention of a new generation of college
2. Getting stuck in the mud
3. Developing commercially