"Din-Aun-Rak" Natural Bi-o Love soil


# Name
1Miss. Wanlapa Inkasang


# Name
1Mr.Pattarapon Hnoopai
2Mr.Suriya Soot
3Mr.Phuwit Paruwanram
4Mr.Wuttinan Samretram

Buriram Poly Technic College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Nowadays, chemicals come into the daily lives of many people. To reduce and avoid the use of chemicals. Making organic composts available from local, organic materials without the chemicals will ensure that the fertilizer we use is safe for the plants.

Features and Benefits

Soil fertilizer bamboo leaves can grow plants well and increase productivity. Used as plant growing soil.
1. To cultivate all kinds of plants.
2. There are nutrients that help in the growth of plants.