Smart Helmet

Chainat Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The objectives were 1) to create a Smart Helmet to prevent injury from accident occurred with a motorcycle. 2) to study the process of creating a Smart Helmet and design of using. 3) to test the performance of the Smart Helmet both duration of work and the difficulty in installing the device. The populations of this research were students in Chainat Technical College. The instrument used in the research were, the smart helmet, quality assessment by the experts and the questionnaire. Statistics used in the research were mean and standard deviation (S.D.). The research results found that the satisfaction of the samples who use the Smart Helmet was at the highest level.

Features and Benefits

Smart Helmet is a helmet that has a system to control by application.If we start a motorcycle without wearing the smart helmet, we can’t start the engine. If we wear the smart helmet, we can start the engine and we can ride the motorcycle. So the Smart Helmet can prevent injury from road accidents of motorcycle and discipline in motorcycle driving.
To prevent motorcyclist from injury occurred accident.


# Name
1Miss Suphonphan Artkhitkarn
2Miss.Wilaiwan Junjit


# Name
1Mr. Thammarong Theanchai
2Mr.Pakawat Pookhao
3Mr. Watcharin khusakhul
4Mr. Wuttinan Pankaew
5Mr. Saran kanthad
6Mr. Weeraphat Sub-In
7Mr. Chatakan Bostkaew