Seablite Marinated Mix

Wangklaikangwon Industrial and Community Education college2

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This research aims 1) To make marinated mix by Seablite. 2) To study the benefits and satisfaction users of Seablite marinated mix. Population and sample used in this research is the first year students in Food and nutrition department. Food and nutrition department first semester of academic year 2018, 20 people were part of this research is the selection of a specific population. The instrument used in the research consisted satisfaction. Data analysis for the standard deviation.

Features and Benefits

Pour 1 packet of the marinade mix into 1 kg. of meat add a splash of water, mix thoroughly and leave for 2 hours.
1. Achieve in making a cooking product that has lots of nutritious value and uses organic ingredients that are easy to find.
2. Making a product that can be used in households and in general cooking.
3. To increase the choices of foods for consumers
4. To make convenience for people who live in other areas of Thailand to have Seablites at their disposal at all times.


# Name
1Miss.Warunee Suksawat
2Rank Sirifan Tangdee
3Mr.Jirath Sawatdiphatcharakul
4Miss Patcharaporn Trutpet


# Name
1Mr. Supasan Thongklao
2Mr. Jirayut Boonnork
3Miss Dawipha Detphet
4Mr. Tachin Bubpha
5Miss. Pornnapat Jaroonkeeratorot
6Mr. Natthapon Sukphakdee
7Mr.Kritsada Phumpheng
8Miss Kanokwun Caejaew
9Miss Porntipa Jaitubtim