The Development of Tom Som Seasoning Powder (Som Siao flavored)


# Name
1Mrs.Pimonwan Suphan
2Mrs.jutarat pimthong
3Mr.Suriya Yaso
4Miss Rosjana Bousipoom
5Miss.Monchayasorn Nata


# Name
1Miss Sarinna pakkemaya
2Miss Sirintra pakkemaya
3Mr.Mintada Sarasee
4Miss. kemmika maikami
5Miss. kannika uthaima

Mahasarakham Vocational Collage

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The purposes of this study were 1) to investigate the ratio of Som Siao Seasoning powder, 2) to investigate the quality and satisfaction of the consumers toward Som Siao seasoning powder, and 3) to be a basic research to the commercial career. The participant was 50 officers selected by purposive sampling. The data obtained were analyzed for the mean, standard deviation and percentage. The findings indicated that 400 g. of Som Siao is the most appropriate ratio to develop a seasoning powder. The satisfaction of consumers toward Som Siao seasoning powder after cooking 3 types of Tom Som (3), the highest satisfaction is Tom Kai Ban ( = 3.74), followed by Tom Pla ( = 3.58 ) and finally Tom Kadook Aon ( = 3.36 ).

Features and Benefits

Tom Yum Seasoning powder (Som Siao flavored) is a product from local herbs. They are medicinal properties and can find easily in local area. These herbs could be used to cook all types of Tom Som (Isarn food).
1.Gaining new products and increasing valuable of agricultural products.