Champedak homemade ice cream

Phang-nga technical college

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The project is Champedak homemade ice cream, the objective in order to education and develop the local fruit to mass product.Product of Champedak homemade ice cream have 4 formulas are : 1.whipping cream and condensed milk, 2.coconut milk and condensed milk, 3.whipping cream , and 4.coconut milk. The satisfaction survey of the best formulas that customer satisfy is formula 1 whipping cream and condensed milk.

Features and Benefits

Is the homemade ice cream that made by Champedak fruit (the local fruit of Phang-Nga province).
We are design the appropriate packaging for motivate to customer and can be sell in the market.
High vitamin A
Can be help to laxative.


# Name
1Mr.Phuchongkorn Jindapol
2Miss.Atchara Rattana
3Mrs.Thidarat Wongsuwan
4Miss.Primrata Jarukitkul


# Name
1Mr.Pittawat Chimkit
2Mr.Thanomsak Sonchai
3Mr.Kittisak Prasankan
4Miss.Sareerat Muensri
5Miss.Thanjira Surawit
6Miss.Sakuntra Kavijit
7Miss.Suwanan Nitjumroon
8Miss.Kwanruthai Chuayfai
9Miss.Sasikan Khrueangtaengyu