Baggie Nappy


# Name
1Miss.Narirat Panwong
2Mrs.Rudee Tuntiwong
3Thanyanan Sarikul
4Miss. Sinapron Sukreay
5Mr. Piyapon Panyim


# Name
1Miss.Apichaya Jamsree
2Miss. Jaruwan Malai
3Mr.Nakarin Thummaphat
4Miss.Kanyanat Nurak
5Miss.Sirada Kongkasat
6Miss. Chanoknan Obmali
7Miss. Lalita Moolmanas
8Miss. Thawanhatai Jaiaodthon
9Miss. Chuthaphon Seangjong
10Mr.Nattapon Tuankrue

Kanchanaburi Vocation College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This research has 2 purpose that are study how to make a baggie nappy and study the consumers satisfaction about product and packaging. The sample group are 40 people in Kanchanaburi Vocational College. This research use the Satisfaction Assessment Form. The result analysis of the average(X) a standard deviation (S.D.). The results are as follows : To make a baggie nappy can be arrange according to the purpose of research, The respondents were satisfied about the product is very good In the field of products The respondents were satisfied in Durability is good .The lowest level is fair price. In Packaging the respondents were satisfied in Beautiful and appropriate size is in the best level.And the lowest level is durability.

Features and Benefits

Attribute : Heat resistance ,Waterproof and easy to use.
Benefit: 1. Can be used as an apron ,prevent a grime.
2. Can be used as a bag for put any items.