Developement of karanda fruit juice with aloe vera


# Name
1Mr. Narathip Laosaeng
2Mr.Natthapol Siripornpisuth
3Mr. Wittawat Laonayor


# Name
1Ms.Prapatsorn Chaloyard
2์ีMr.Nantawat Sirikid

Saraburi Vocational College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


ABSTRACT This study aims to analyze the satisfaction of Consumers. The researcher used a purposive sampling technique to select the sample group. The quantitative data was collected by using a survey questionnaire. The statistical data was analyzed by using Independent Percentage, Average and Standard Division. The results were found as follows: The satisfaction of Consumer toward Karanda fruit juice with Aloe vera were meduim level.

Features and Benefits

18. the success and value of the research project is expected to be received.
18.1. mango lime mixed acclaim for Aloe Vera.
18.2. informed consumer satisfaction with lime mixed for Juice.
12. The benefits are expected to be
12.1 mango juice for the lemon booed aloe vera
12.2 note the satisfaction of consumers with mango juice for aloe vera