Coconut peel equipment V.2

AoLuk Industrial and Community Education College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


We had ever seen the people in the countryside. They peeled the coconut shell to cook in the family and various parties. Somebody for sold. There are many ways to peeled the shell of the coconut , such as the pliers ,a spiked iron put on the floor and the coconut peeler. The inventor had seen a lot of problem. They peel the coconut shell with a big knife ,may be cut of the finger somebody they use the sharp steel to be dangerous. The coconut pestle is used to make the foot end of the coconut feet. Using spiked steel on the floor. This way, if the miss may fall down to the steel. If we use the coconut peeler, the price of the set higher. So the inventor invented the Coconut peeler V.2 to solve the problem.

Features and Benefits

1. Coconut peeler V.2 can be peeled faster than peeled.
2. Coconut peeler V.2. It takes up to 30 seconds to peel the coconut.
3. Coconut peeler V.2 is safer to use than stripping in other ways.
4. Strong, lightweight.
1. Coconut peeler V.2 used to peel all types of coconut shell.
2. Coconut peeler V.2 can be sell commercially available


# Name
1Mr.Somphol Sommat
2Ms.Kajitsri Sritanon
3Mr.Arthon Rotkhwan


# Name
1Mr.Saithan luklek
2Mr.Aekapop Khawluan
3Mr.Assada Samutsarun
4Mr.Maitree Wannasawat
5Mr.Witthawat Chollakat
6Mr.Chirayut Phengchan
7Mr.Natthawut Sukchoai
8Mr.Anan Dolsak
9Mr.Thanarat Tain