Ahpong ready mixed flour


# Name
1Mrs.Wilairat Nimsantijaroen


# Name
1Mr.Watcharapon Kongyim
2Mr.Kardpon Kongchusri

Trang College of Agriculture and Technology

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Ah-pong ready mixed flour was studied on the optimum formula and sensory evaluation. The optimum formula was studied from native people and internet. Develop to new product by adding all purpose flour and using coconut cream power. Test the result by sensory evaluation. The result of optimum formula was 40% rice flour, 8% all purpose flour 36% sugar 15% coconut cream powder 0.9% yeast and 0.1% salt. The fermentation time is 1-2 hours, depend on the weather. The sensory test is good at 4.18 for, 5

Features and Benefits

Easy to use.
Take 1-2 hours to prepare
Have a good taste.
Can promote to new product.
Value added product.
Easy to prepare.