Sweet Potato Instant Powder Soup

Nakhon Si thammarat vocational college

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


One of the most common and nutritious vegetable in the vegetable kingdom. A sweet potato is a plant that belongs to the bindweed or morning glory family. Sweet potato is famous to Thai people, they can either make a dish out of it or a desert. The team of research from our food department created an idea to develop the sweet potato into an easy carry instant powder.

Features and Benefits

To create a new form of sweet potato that can last longer than normal. We use both yellow and dark orange sweet potato to create the puree and add little bit of butter, whipping cream and chicken stock to improve its taste. We innovated the advancement of turning the sweet potatoes into powder is a convenience, it will take a little space in the cupboard and none in the freezer. The sweet potato powder is an easy carry like condiments, you can have it whenever you need it making the exact amount and nutrients you need.
-To have a small business out of this healthy and delicious pack and can also use different types of root crops such as potatoes, carrots and taro for making instant powder.
- Can store for longer time.


# Name
1Mrs. Nutchanat Hanumas
2Miss Kathy Joy Sentina
3Mrs. Orana Banjay
4Miss Putaphorn Tantisuttivet
5Miss Saowanee Boonchankhong


# Name
1Miss Natticha Sukplang
2Miss kantamanee Inkliang
3Miss Phattima Sukkhata
4Miss Yatawee Noopan
5Miss Kan Leelakorn
6Mr. Panupong Sangkama
7Miss Kaniyaporn Suriya