Eco - friendly pots


# Name
1Mrs. Supawadee Maksong
2Miss Sineenut Kulampan
3Mrs. Kamonthip Junthip
4Miss Khamratsani Somjai


# Name
1Miss Chompoonut Petroj
2Mr. Netipong Riankrai

Paphayom Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Softening of coconut and coconut fiber in water for 7 days The amount of ingredients suitable for the production of the potted plant is the ratio of coconut coir: coconut fiber: bagasse is 2: 1: 2, the maximum amount of water can be obtained and can be retained for a period of time. The plants cultivated in natural potted plants exhibited similar growth rates. With plants nursed with bags. (4) Experiment was conducted to accept the product from natural materials at a high level, 4.47.The experiment was carried out with the highest average level of 4.75, followed by the overall product preference at the highest level of 4.60.

Features and Benefits

1. Eco – friendly pot is the invention of biotechnology invented and developed from science projects. Awarded the silver medal of the regional contest.
2. Good water holding capacity can be used to plant pots without wasting time to remove seedlings from root pots, so there is no chance of leaving the plant.
3. It is a "global warming" product because it reduces the amount of plastic or plastic bag used.
1. Remove the product from the package.
2. Put the soil in a pot. The seedlings need to be planted or planted to the pot.
3. Water until the pot is wet. Carefully grow the plant as desired.
4. The seedlings to plant the pot without pulling the seedlings out of the pot.