Carandas Sauce


# Name
1Miss Wiphawi Daengrayub
2Mr. Natthawut Phungkuson


# Name
1Miss Kunakorn Boonthum
2Mr. Tinnapop Chatakom

Samutsongkhram Polytechnic College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Carandas sauce is a ready – to-eat food product which was produced by studying from the standard recipe and process. The samplings used were 30 students and teachers of Samutsongkhram Polytechnic College. Carandas sauce is made by spinning the Carandas fruits to make it become juice, then boil it. After that, filter the juice to separate the liquid. Then boil it again including add sugar, salt and flour. Finally mix and stir all ingredients together until turns stick and gummy.

Features and Benefits

Carandas Sauce is made from Carandas fruit which is a local plant found in Samutsongkhram Province. It is made to be a ready - to - eat sauce with a production process.
Carandas Sauce can be used to cook many kinds of food such as cake, bread, salad, fried vegetable, fried rice, etc.