Mobile Water Hyacinth Biomass Briquette Machine


# Name
1Mr. Phirasak Khoksantia
2Miss Siriphan Wannaprawek


# Name
1Mr. Damrongsak Noi-kamnoed
2Miss Jirawadee Homkrun

Ampawa Industrial and Community Education College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Thailand is an agricultural country with a lot of raw materials or weeds and raw materials left over from agriculture. Such as hyacinth which is a problem for ecology and water travel. The government has a policy to find a way to get rid of hyacinth, so as not to obstruct water traffic and cause spoilage problems. Researchers are interested to use hyacinth to improve their efficiency in the form of fuel. The fuel is divided into 3 types of applications : solid, liquid and gas. Hyacinth can be enhanced in the form of solids. To increase the value and alternative way of using energy from waste materials by importing Mobile Water Hyacinth Biomass Briquette Machine for use as biomass fuel

Features and Benefits

The machine serve as a compaction rod for hyacinth material which is a weed in the canal. Hyacinth is a burden on the environment that will be added to value and processed for use in renewable energy. It develops product models to reduce the environmental burden to the most efficient and alternative energy development.
1. Can change the pattern of Water Hyacinth and waste from agricultural materials remaining as biomass fuel.
2. Can be used as alternative energy in the future.
3. For the value of economic products.
4. Increase economic value.