Electric Earthen Jar Oven


# Name
1Ms.Supunsa Kesonbua
2Ms.Kamolnat Audsavachulamanee
3Mr.Sontaya soontararak


# Name
1Mr.Phiraphat Kanuengpairn
2Mr.Thanakorn Kerdchuen
3Mr.Siwakorn Jornjarun
4Mr.Santhiphong Bunchaem
5Mr. Settawut Sukjit
6Miss Suphaket Deesom
7Miss Maneerat Nawanil
8Miss Chuthamat Chaiyai

Surin Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Entrepreneurship is a course that most of vocational students have to study and simulate to be a business owner, and one of the business that was created in Surin Technical College is pizzeria. However, the researcher found a problem in the business as the Halogen oven used in the business took a lot of time. Also, using many of them cause a huge amount of electricity bill, likewise, buying the general oven also costs a lot of money. Due to the problem, this Electric Earthen Jar Oven was invented to facilitate the business and reduce production cost. Moreover, this invention help building career for people in Thailand according to vocational education’s policy.

Features and Benefits

The new innovative Oven which is a combination between general oven and earthen jar and uses the halogen oven system.
It is used to bake a lot of any kind of food per time and further used in food and bakery business. It is also reduce the waste of electricity because the earthen jar helps saving heat inside the oven, so the left-over heat will be used in the next baking.