Learning Experience 3D Glasses


# Name
1Miss.Hathairat Srisatana
2Miss Pathiya Inthanont
3Miss.Yuwadee Chanet
4Mr.Suphakorn Singkraiharn
5Mr. Purin Mak aree


# Name
1Mr.Kiattisak Singngam
2Miss Manutsanun Thongsuk
3Mr.Kerati Aunampai
4Miss Kannika Meeprasert
5Miss Napatsawan Tohlee
6Mr.Katawut Kaewbudda
7Miss Panadthida Boonmacharoen


Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


In this modern generation, we are embracing Thailand 4.0 where in education is associated with technology. Allowing students to participate and develop various skills, thinking and imagination. Students are able to learn by themselves through a variety of teaching materials, teaching aids in 3D video is a form of digital media. That is very interesting. This research is the development of innovative inventions in the form of 3D glasses and software development used to play 3D videos. Users can choose to view a video they want using 3D glasses. To get the experience of using media in 3D as if it’s in a actual event, strengthen imagination and knowledge through 3D glasses and software that was created.

Features and Benefits

These 3D glasses are made-up of double image principle (Sterpscopic) with software designed for 3D videos from any digital media. This innovation encourages students to develop their ideas and skills in innovative way.
1. Helps learners understand what they want and what they can do using technology and materials available around them. By this, students can relate and develop creativity.
2. Helps students develop ideas and skills using the technology.
3. Improves instructional media that can be used in classes