Two-way Cleanser Spray


# Name
1Mr.charoen khentun
2Mr.Rio John Sumagaysay
3Ms.amnoyporn suksanguon


# Name
1Miss.Marisa Yatakot
2Miss Nutchanat papahom
3Mrs.Pharttharaphon rawaekklang
4Miss.Thichakarn Daengniem
5Mr.Phanu Odton
6Mrs.Nutsima Worrarat
7Mrs.Jintra Papparit
8Mr.Phumet Boochan
9Mr.Kijja Khawsamlee
10Mrs.Onarree Thong-on


Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Abstract I am sure many people have experienced awful smell like foot odor. One of the factors is from sweating that causes bacteria. If we are doing more activities in a day and it makes us sweat a lot, it increases the chance of foot odor. Another thing, if we travel or just even stay in a room, we are handling multiple things and we get some bacteria from it. We did a research in how to deal with this issue in a very convenient way, so we were able to come up with this innovation.

Features and Benefits


This spray is used for cleaning hands and removing bad odor
it also prevents foot odor with the help of alum extracts and baking soda that have the ability to clean bacteria and reduce odors.