smart dust sprinkler controller


# Name
1Miss Kanokkwan buakhampan
2Mrs.Sanittha Wudthivigaigan
3MissPhatthachada Khampuong
4Mr.Anirut Sung


# Name
1Mr.Ronnakorn Damrongthanakij
2Miss.Thanchanok wangkokang
3Mr.Peerapat Aunraun
4Miss.Satita Kunkittikowit
5Mr.Anuwat Tansanguan
6MissRujeerat Srisongkram
7Mr.Kongchai Butnamdee
8Mr. Nithikorn Kiewsee

Thonburi Commercial College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Smart dust sprinkler controller was created to reduce the dust in the area. This controller has been develop to help people that live in the area that the dust are over rate. The sample for this project included 50 people in Klong San District. Questionnaires were used to collect data and a score ranged from strongly agree with a score of 5 to strongly disagree with a score of 1. The data were analysed by using percentages, mean and standard deviation.

Features and Benefits

1.To notify people with alarm sound when the dust is over rate.
2.To reduce the dentisy of dust in the area that’s installed.
3.Check value of PM1.0 PM2.5 PM10 Temperature Air humidity Smoke detector and Flammable gas detector
When the dust in the area higher than standard. The controller will alert the people in area by the sound. Then you can open the sprinkler to spray water to reduce the dust to normal rate by using your mobile phone.
Easy to use and can be use in Construction site
Reduce the dust to normal rate and check value of dust in the area that install