Animal feeding 4.0


Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Todays, people who raise pets.Whether it’s a dog, cat or other animals. Most mentors have to work outside the home.By keeping the pet at home. Which the pet food must be left in large quantities. Sometimes the food spilled out of the container.Not enough or too much food.To increase convenience and save money on pet care This pet feeder is very necessary.In addition, animal feeders can be used in the household industry. But can also be used in animal husbandry.

Features and Benefits

Facilitating pet feeding.
Able to control the amount and time of feeding.


# Name
1Mrs.Songmuang Gudan
2Sairung Prasertnoo
3Miss.Sawitree Rattanavitya
4Mrs.Porntip Hongwiangjan
5Mr.Nimit Amaritwaja


# Name
1Miss.Marisa Wanloh
2Mr.Aroonchai Angsiyakul
3Miss.Muna Muhammatsahak
4Mrs.Amphika Chamsridit
5Mrs.Kulthida On-on
6Mr.Chaibdee Yamat
7Miss.Nuchanon Khanato
8Miss.Thanyarat Klinpradit
9Miss.Naphatson Priamnong
10Miss.Chankarn Seesang