Charming Natural picture


# Name
1Mrs. Joonjila Pattameak
2Mr. Tawin Dejburum
3Mr.Chadmongkol Chaiduen
4Miss Paijit Sriwantha


# Name
1Miss Wanida Homsombat
2Miss Mantana Boonla
3Mr Sarawut Yindee
4Mr Phairat Sattha
5Miss Supriya Kaeoin
6Miss Phimraphat Pengphon
7Miss Narissa Kijprachum

Mahasarakham Vocational Collage

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This research aims to 1. Design and development of commercial contemporary handicrafts of Charming natural picture 2. Study the opinion and satisfaction of the sample on the charming natural picture. There three steps for research methodologies 1) to study the kinds of natural materials. 2) to design and develop the inventions of charming natural picture. And 3) to study the opinions and satisfaction to the target group on the invention products. The research found that the Charming natural picture was developed to be effective in applying the objectives of the research. The target audience has the opinion and satisfaction with the product on the highest level of natural picture was the average (4.54).

Features and Benefits

The feature of the invention is a beautiful picture. There are 3 differences: aesthetics, lovers Natural aesthetics and the charming natural picture is also beautiful, durable, stored for a long time, non-toxic, environmentally friendly.
The invention of charming natural picture is many forms. It can be used and decorated inside the home and general office and it was able to be famous local products to commercially selling, create work, make higher income for persons who are interested in this product, and it is the best way to using natural materials for artistic and handicraft.