Washing Scallops Machine

Trat Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Various types of mussels, such as mussels, scallops, clams and other types of clams that people are popularly cooking in a variety of menus are very popular. Consumers can buy in the market but will encounter problems. That the scallop shells will have mud or sediment attached to the shells every time. When consumers come out of the shells, they will find a lot of debris and sediment. It is necessary to wash and clean by hand, causing fatigue, wasting time, and high water intake, so he invented the Eco-washing scallop to use to clean the external shells.Clean thoroughly before cooking, causing Magada to wait at the appetizing position, reduce the substances that are attached to the scallop, which can be cleaned for Rotating is an energy saving, reducing global warming, making clean clams clean, saving time. The important thing is that this machine uses a circulating water system in the waste water system. Recycle, reduce water loss, save resources

Features and Benefits

The scallop washing machine has a working principle by using the hand wheel to rotate the shaft and its benefits: Swirling in the sieve, rotating the sieve, the clears on the scallops shell will rotate along with the sieve, creating a cleaning by the water pressure from the injection pump and water. Rinse the scallops are filling out a new wastewater treatment system to filter dirt debris clearing capacity of 3 kg for 5 minutes.
1. To facilitate the reduction of labor and the time to wash scallops
2. To promote and support the female group in their occupation in the production process to commercialize small-scale industries.
3. To reduce the loss of water resources as saving


# Name
1Miss Lanlalit Preechachan
2Mr. Echu Frank


# Name
1Mr. Apinan Sangboon
2Mr. Nawapat Kritklao