Yam Ta Khro


# Name
1Mrs.Artittaya Salidchai


# Name
1Miss Pornsiri Karatpong

Crispy jelly for health

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


This research is objective for study the satisfaction in the taste of Ta-khro jam and The satisfaction in the new product can be sold to the consumer. This research is a quantitative study. Tools for researching is questionnaire by collecting data from the sampling group, try to the taste of Ta-khro jam and from the questionnaire. Population and sampling group is student in Keangkhro Industrial And Community Education college and analyze the data by percentage. The result of research found is 75 percent of the respondents and taste to the taste of Ta-khro Jam and 80 percent of respondents are satisfied with new products think can be sold to consumers.

Features and Benefits

Jam features a distinctive flavor, fragrant, sour and sweet. Can be eaten, snack, or even spread toast for added flavor or nutritional value.
The Useful of the Ta-khro fruit are high in nutritional value, high in vitamin C which helps to strengthen blood vessels.