Instant Salted Egg Sauce

Nakhonratchasima Vocational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The purposes of this research were to study the standard recipe of cream sauce, to study 4 recipes of salted egg yolk, and to get the feedback from samples. The samples of this research were the teachers and students from Nakornratchasima Vocational College. There were 40- 100 samples and they are chosen randomly. The results of this research are: 1) The recipe with 20 grams of wheat flour was the best. 2) Quality of salted egg yolk, is different in 0 grams, 71.5 grams, 143 grams, and 214.5 grams. This research used 80 samples. The samples accepted formula 3 (143 grams) in character, smell, taste and feeling, but the color was accepted in formula 4 (214.5 grams) 3) The feedback of Instant Salted Egg Sauce from 100 samples are appearance has the average mean 8.29, color has the average mean 8.03, smell has the average mean 7.72, taste has the average mean 8.01, texture has the average mean 7.96, and overall liking has the average mean 8.05.

Features and Benefits

Instant Salted Egg Sauce is one of the recent successful invention, from developing a salted egg and creating a salted egg yolk. This product will make your food taste more special and delicious.
1. Use Instant Salted Egg Sauce in cooking with salted egg flavor.
2. Use Instant Salted Egg Sauce for making spaghetti.
3. Use Instant Salted Egg Sauce to dip the food and enhance the flavor.


# Name
1Mr.Yutthana Wannakit


# Name
1Miss.Ananya Pakosantung
2Miss.Ramita Showsoonnern