Health Equipment

Chachoengsao Volcational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Health equipment prepared to use for hand exercise. Wood used as the main equipment. The materials are easy to find in the local area which are rag and spring wire. This innovation was created to use for people with health problems on the hand especially for those who work on computers, typist or people who have finger problems.

Features and Benefits

This health equipment created using wood as an important key element tool for hand exercise. It is easy to use, to move and safe for users.
1. Helps loosen the veins of the hand muscles
2. This innovation for health could contribute to the community and to impart to the public.
3. I can be expanded to commercial.


# Name
1Acting Sub Lt. Supap Boonmee
2Mrs.Melo Jane Bagaoisan Pongpasit


# Name
1Miss Phennapha Thongpech
2Miss Areeya Yunprayong