Fig and Cereal Bar

Chiang Mai Vocational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


the quantity of fig mixed with crispy cereal is 12.5, 25, 32.5 and 50 percent by total weigh. By tasting 9 tastes (9-Point Hedonic Scale),using 50 testers to find the mean and standard deviation, it was found the formular third that mixed with fig 37.5 percent have acceptable of appearance, color, taste, texture and the highest overall preference. It was found L*51.08, a*32.02, b*28.82 Found 5.32 percent of moisture, had a pH of 6.97 and sweetness 2.17Brix. It was found that water solubility experiment by adding 100 grams of boiling water and 15 gram of product (1piece) with an average approximate time 3.34 minute.

Features and Benefits

To study the product development of fig mixed cereal bar is a nutrient snack. It is containing rice berry, Germinated brown rice, Oat, Sesame seed, Honey and fig.
Provide you with natural source of high fiber, low calories, it is suitable for everyone.


# Name
1Miss Sirichay Piatan
2Mr. Paadungpong srikum
3Mr.Opas Moonaiy
4Mr.Sumet Meesakul
5Miss Pattarasaya Waiudom


# Name
1Mr. Kasidit Punnapanit
2Mr. Narat Putrawutnawong