The Skill-Trained Gloves for Hand Movement Disabilities to Operate Computer’s Keyboard.

Chiangrai Vocational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Hand muscles Is an important organ in various daily activities. If the hand muscles are used well, it will enhance the intellectual development even more. Therefore, the research team has invented. Gloves that help improve hand muscles skills for people with disabilities. By designing activities for users to develop hand muscles that are consistent in relation to the eyes and hands.

Features and Benefits

The glove is that enhances the skills for using hand muscles.
Allowing users to have skills in using hand muscles.


# Name
1Mrs.Suwaree Pangneewong
2Miss.Nutjaree Kaewpian
3Mrs.Somsri Sangsrichan
4Miss.Piyamas Kaewinta
5Miss.Wowanee Thuraphun


# Name
1Miss.Nitchanan Yoeso
2Miss.Ladda Chaemue