Grapefruit Waxy (grapefruit Shell Wax)

Samutsongkhram Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Grapefruit waxy (Grapefruit shell wax) project aims to study the process of developing shoes polishing wax product from Grapefruit shell to increase the value for grapefruit shells and be further expanded to commercially and to study consumer satisfaction with this product. The samples are 60 tourists who come to visit Amphawa Floating Market. The instrument used was questionnaires. The results showed that the samples were satisfied with the development of shoes polishing wax from grapefruit shells.

Features and Benefits

The grapefruit shells wax has the ability to resist various pathogens, such as anti-fungal and bacteria.
The grapefruit shells wax can be used as a polishing shoes wax.


# Name
1Miss Nitaya Phongphet
2Miss Pitchayanun Chaiyarote
3Mrs.Thapanee Thumapan
4Miss Hathairat Muankaew
5Miss. Kittiya Sittinam


# Name
1Miss Phatsorn Bunphamorn
2Miss Thitirat Thanakichtanan
3Miss Janenisa Tanprasert
4Miss Sukanya Rodnirung