Control set Smart Agriculture 4.0


# Name
1Ms.Pemika Kantawong
2Mr.Mahidol Sureeyaphan
3Ms.Supattra Sillapasuwan
4Ms.Malee Jutiyo
5Mr.Nuttaeak Nuttayapattarakul


# Name
1Mr.Ekkamol Intaratanhom
2Mr.Settha Putti
3Mr.Parinya Lobeyam
4Mr.Anun Tongmoon
5Mr.Pana Tubsanlee
6Mr.Chirawat Inkhan
7Mr.Tanakorn Handee
8Mr.wuttipong Lonoo

Nakhon Pathom Polytechnic College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Smart Farm is different to conventional farms. Is the use of resources and meet the needs of the plant. Reduce resource depletion Providing the right amount of fertilizer to soil degradation and does not cause an overflow of minerals. Research in this research and development. Aims to control agricultural efficiency and intelligent control unit 4.0 4.0 Agricultural genius, which the study found. Agricultural Intelligent Control 4.0 is an aim and effective as defined in the scope of research.

Features and Benefits

First, It has an intelligent agricultural control unit of 4.0. Next, the efficiency of the use of the Intelligent Agricultural Control Unit 4.0 is not less than 80%. Then, user Satisfaction control, intelligent Agriculture 4.0 not less than good level.
Finally, can be create an intelligent agriculture Control unit, 4.0, temperature, humidity and lighting control via smartphone and display to reduce the time of execution and access to device notifications via the line application.