Graft Crispy noodles Sauce


# Name
1Miss.Nattaporn Srichaem
2Mr. Pattarakon Kaeokeio
3Miss.Benjawan Khuanma


# Name
1Miss.Krittiya Khaminkhiao
2Miss.Tipwarin Sudjai
3Mr.Khemmachat Saengswang
4Phasathorn Srisupraluksanakarn
5Miss.Emma Katherina OHerlihy

Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya Vocational College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The study objective is a basic recipe of ready to made Crispy rice noodles Sauce wear evaluated the sensory property appearance,color, flavor,taste,texture and overall taste. Three basic formulars were use to determine the optimum amout of Graf fruit to 3 dives(10%,20%,30%). Radomized complete design by 9 Point Hedonic Scale. There were100 lectures,studets and teacher from the Departmet of food and Nutrition. RCBD:Randomized Complete Block Design at 95% confidence interval and comparsion of mean difference using Duncan’s Multiple Test(DMRT)

Features and Benefits

the study found that the ideal .amount Graft fruit. Use as an ingradienf in the Graft Crispy noodles Sauce. At3 level,the recipient accepted the formular 2 (20%) interm appearance,color, flavor,taste,texture. with mean value 0f 7.18,7.40,7.26,7.24 and 7.74,respectively. The taste .
Graft Crispy noodles Sauce is the high nutrition with lycopene form Gac fruit.