Walking Assist


# Name
1Miss Pattama Phudpong
2Mr. Anusorn Mahday
3Miss.Nonglak Pussara
4Miis.Napatip Phakdee
5Miss Janjira Jaidam


# Name
1Mr Khanathip Rattananil
2Miss Tayatorn jankao
3Mr. Naris Sentiyah
4Mr. Jarugit Tongdang
5Mr. Waris ThongKaew
6Mr.Kritsada Chaihan
7Miss Areeya Kongkeaw
8Miss Natnicha Sangtong
9Miss Piyada Sachada

Hatyai Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


In Thailand we have a lot of patient who can’t move or walk fluently especially elderly and people who are undergoing physical therapy. We have more 6 million people who have arthritis. Moreover, we still found the patients increased every year. From these statistic shows that we will have a lot of patients in the near future. So this invention is created for them. it can help them to walk or move as normal. It’s fordable and not too heavy for using. It’s also cheap so it can be replace a high price of medical equipment.

Features and Benefits

It’s stable, strong and fordable, also has a perfect dimension to use.
After using patients can recover quickly, walk more, and can exercise without pain.
Can use this invention to replace a high price of medical equipment.