Kolae Boat Pattern and Ko Yo Textile Designed Picture Frame


# Name
1Mrs.Jarupa Thongnui
2Mr. Apipong Wongkiattikul
3Miss Ketjira Intaphum
4Miss Usa Binreem
5Miss Khansawat Hinthaow


# Name
1Mr.Rompawi Phetbunwanno
2Mr.Panithan Muenduang
3Miss Tanawan Saekhow
4Miss Pattamawadee Yuttasanee
5Miss Phimonphat Raksaphon
6Miss Kultida Binlaphat
7Miss Aranyaporn Kaewdeelert
8Miss Phanphatsa Jindasuwan
9Miss Boonyanut Petruk
10Miss Thatchaphorn Srichaidetkun

Songkhla Vocational College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The objectives of the study consist of: 1) To design and develop the Kolae boat pattern and Ko Yo textile designed picture frames, 2) To design and develop picture frame package, and 3) To study the satisfaction of customers towards the designed picture frames. The research samples of the study were customers of souvenirs’ shops in oldtown area of Mueang Songkhla. Tools utilized to develop the project were picture frame design, picture frame package design and a satisfaction questionnaire. The results of the study foundthat: The satisfaction of the customers towards Kolae boat and Ko Yo textile designed products was in highest level(4.62)

Features and Benefits

The Kolae boat pattern and ko Yo fabric designed picture frameis a model of contemporary masterpiece unique design which represents the signature of Kolae fishing boat and Ko Yo textile of Songkhla. And It is significantly different from other general picture frames in souvenir shops, for reason such as that the design and creation of the new innovative product has been a result of the combinations of art composition theory, locallegend, southern local Kolae boat pattern and Songkhla local fabric, which reflects local wisdom and southern ways of life.
Hang the product on the wall for decoration.