Smart Village**


# Name
1Mrs.Jintana Jindasri
2Ms.Sayumphon Kumphan
3Miss Pimonmas Ketchay


# Name
1Mr.James Junior Somchai Frame
2Mr.Nicholas Fox

Thai - Austrian Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The idea of Internet of Things (IOT) is the future prospect of technology. The rationale behind its working is the amalgamation of web, mobile and Information and Communications technology. It enables various devices in a system to communicate and interact with each other to perform their job in a harmonious way. The rising population of the world makes it necessary to facilitate the cities and villages to function in a smart way. Hence, the idea of Smart cities came into being. These cities use the data from sensors, other remote devices and analyze the data to take appropriate actions. This paper extends the idea of Smart cities to Smart villages. It focuses on the key areas of interest in the village perspective and evaluates the applications of IoT in those areas. It provides a comprehensive view with respect to improvement in the quality of life in villages.

Features and Benefits

1.To create an alarm system to control and suppress the incident
2.To create a model of a village to simulate natural disasters and domestic problems or potential theft.
3.To test the effectiveness of the application.
4.To test the quality of the sensor design and study user satisfaction.
1.It can be used anywhere.
2.It can be setup at Low cost.
3.It’s easy to use, install, operate and troubleshoot.