The Multipurpose Shoes Bag on Speed Boat

Phuket Vocational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Travel by speed boat When customers board on the speed boat, staff on board must let customers take off their shoes and keep them in a large shoes box and hand them back when they back to the destination. Causing the customer’s shoes to mix together And even on the destination, the shoes will be poured out Wasting time looking for your own shoes and looking messy From the above issues, the research team Therefore created a multipurpose shoe storage project in which fabric sheets are cut, separated by double foot inserts attached to under the seat on the boat To keep shoes orderly and keep the boat clean

Features and Benefits

Is plastic trimmed into the seat next to the speedboat To store shoes or belongings of tourists on a speedboat
- Get a multipurpose shoes storage for tourists’ shoes on a speedboat.
- Tourists are satisfied with the shoe storage on the speed boat.
Get a multipurpose shoes bag for tourists’ shoes on a speedboat.
- Tourists are satisfied with the shoes bag of tourists on a speedboat.


# Name
1Mrs. Metthavee Wongvairoj
2Miss Ratchawan Ussama
3Miss. Nanissara Choomanee
4Mr.Veerawat Ungsulerd
5Miss. Jeamrat bannaros


# Name
1Miss Chariyawadee Thongjerm
2Miss Vipavanee Sariya
3Miss Phijittra namueang
4Miss Supanun puttasupa
5Miss Lailita Phousridaow
6Miss Napas chumpada
7Miss Sasiyada hirunsook
8Miss Napasorn Raksakhet
9Miss Wanwisa Nokreed
10Miss Rattida Rattanapan