Body​ flexibility​ Tester


# Name
1Mrs.Jintana Jindasri
2Ms.Sayumphon Kumphan
3Miss Raphiphon Khonchoho
4Mr. Bhadeerath Nimsanao
5Miss Panisara Thangmunsakul


# Name
1Mr.Nicholas Fox
2Mr.James Junior Somchai Frame
3Mr.Vorachat Subkhum
4Mr.Sornram Yuwabut

Thai - Austrian Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The objective of this research is to test the design and construction of The Body flexibility tester. Test the samples and the satisfaction of the personnel involved in the medical field, and users of medical services in the province of Chonburi. Body flexibility tester. The samples are from experienced personnel involved in the medical field. And users of medical services. In Chonburi province 25 people were used in the study including: 1. Body flexibility tester 2. Satisfaction Competency Body flexibility tester. The statistics in the study were the mean score. Percent and a standard deviation.

Features and Benefits

It’s easy to use, install, operate and troubleshoot.
It can be used anywhere.