Pneumatic Sausage​ Filler

Thai - Austrian Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


In this research, the purpose of the research is 1. To design and construct sausage with pneumatic system 2. To find the efficiency of the sausage compressors with pneumatic system 3. To find the user satisfaction of the sausage machine with pneumatic system using the sample used in this study consists of two groups: 1. Population and sample for quality evaluation. Of the sausage machine with pneumatic system from the expert opinion of 3 persons 2. The population and sample for the evaluation of the satisfaction of the sausage with pneumatic system. From those who use the pneumatic sausage compressors in Sattahip, Chonburi province 10 people. Tools used in education include 1.2. Pneumatic sausage Compressors Expert quality measures 3. The user satisfaction questionnaire the sausage with pneumatic system.

Features and Benefits

The technology we have used is also efficient and is non polluting
They can do it cheaply and safely.


# Name
1Ms.Sayumphon Kumphan
2Mrs.Jintana Jindasri
3Miss Raphiphon Khonchoho
4Miss Pimonmas Ketchay
5Mr. Nopporn Noiwattanakul


# Name
1Miss Pawinee Nakdee
2Mr.Suwichak Charoensontisuk
3Mr.Nopast Surinarporn
4Mr.Nutakron Tonglor