Tie Dye Fabrics with as colorfast substance from Tham Thonglang soil


# Name
1Miss.Atchara Rattana
2Supphawat Promthip
3Miss.Pratin Lianjumroon


# Name
1Napasorn Sae-hor
2Sukanya Kaewpaksa
3Miss.Sakuntra Kavijit
4Miss.Sareerat Muensri
5Ratchaya Ponbun
6Thanrada Yenchum
7Katesinee Jaisuk
8Pimchanok Tippayawong
9Miss.Thanjira Surawit
10Patsachon Timkeaw

Phang-nga technical college

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The project aims to produce a new product from natural color as a colorfast substance from Tham Thonglang soil and to study consumer’s satisfaction by using fabric products. Tham Thonglang Sub-district ,Thapput district, Phang-nga province is one of the best turmeric plantation areas in Thailand. It is hill side and abundant minerals which are conditioned begets the best tiger shade of turmeric. The researchers found that turmeric in Tham Thonglang area consists of Zinc oxide, calcium from shell and coral. Overall of characteristics mentioned that soil as a colorfast substance and fasten dyeing color with clothes.

Features and Benefits

Fabric products that coated with Tham Thonglang soil has the strongest bond in fabrics synthetics. Fabric patterns are able to show identify of the people who live in the southern region. At present, dyeing color from the natural will be back to popular again.
This product is non-pollution to the environment in both of manufacturers and consumers. In addition, it does not cause irritation to skin.