Millet Shoes


# Name
1Mrs.Orawan Phetsuwan
2Miss Tanyaporn Jaikla


# Name
1Mr.Panyawat Preechawattanakorn
2Mr. Katanyoo Sangngarm
3Miss Wijitra Chomchuen

Chingkham Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The purpose of this study is to establish a healthy slipper for reducing the feet pain in diabete patients. The research is avalitative. The participant of this study are 30 diabete patients in Faikwang and Chiangkham technical college.The study used questionnaire to collect data valve.The result showed that the average of the satisfy is 4.30. This average valve exhibits a high agreement valve.

Benefits and Features

The patient has the symptoms better that he wears the shoes.Millet, it looks like corn kernels and it helps relax and enjoy, if you wear shoes.Like a foot massage.
This project can solve this problem about the feet. We study the shoes by using the millet seed. It has the special quality that it can encourage the Peripheral Nerve .