Marvelous Coffee Ground


# Name
1Miss. Rachakorn Inthapornsopit
2Miss. Phawida Photipak
3Mr. Nonthapat Sermsuktor


# Name
1Miss.Thanapa Kunlamart
2Miss. Natthamon Chatkasemwong
3Miss. Oraphin Maenphayak
4Miss. Natthaphon Kanhachalee

Uthaithani Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


Nowaday, commercially available soaps are chemicals that, regardless of the consequences to be caused by skin later. Thus, the preparation is interesting to study the soap from coffee grounds. Most people know that coffee grounds are beneficial for the skin. In the skin A key ingredient in making soap is glycerin absorbs moisture in the air does not clog the skin pores. Clean dirt No residue on the skin.

Benefits and Features

1 The amount of coffee grounds cosmetic products that efficiently reduce skin dryness and rough skin on face.

2. The students have to knowledge about the nature of the benefit.

3. Bring the cosmetic products from coffee grounds to use as skin cleanser and can produce on its own. To reduce skin dryness, rough skin on face.

4. Remove the skin dry, rough skin on face to further develop commercial.
Cosmetic products from coffee grounds started testing for irritation, dry skin test and dry roughness on the face of Uthai Thani Technical College students did not irritate when using all four products and found the effectiveness of skin reduction. Dry and rough on face for 4 weeks, the dry skin and rough skin on the face. Texture, smell, color, distribution, ease of spread. Oil and grease on the skin. Skin permeability Before and after.