Meat tenderize Powder Made from Pineapple


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1Miss supawarat surakitสามัญ
2Miss.Yodpradthana Samanaสามัญ


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1Mr.Chaiyakorn Linduangปวช.
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This research is conducted from the study of "Bromelain" enzyme in pineapple that aids greatly in meat tendering by Forking process. It aimed 1. to study the proportion of pineapple to cassava flour being the edible meat tenderizer powder.2. to study the proportion of the meat tenderizer powder to pork.3. to study the appropriate duration for tendering pork. This meat tenderizer powder is edible without microorganism, according to Official Method of Analysis of INTERNATIONAL, 18th Ed 2005 of Lampang Rajabhat University.

ประโยชน์ / คุณลักษณะ

Meat tenderized powder is fine yellow powder that help to tenderize meat or pork. The mixture of pineapple and flour were blended together and dried out . The powder used to marinated meat for 15-20 mins.