Riceberry Body Scrub

Bangkaewfa Industrial and Community Education College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The objectives of this research were to study the riberry powder of ingredients suitable for body scrub, the shelf life storage and the consumer satisfaction of Riceberry Body Scrub. The population and the sample group of this research was based on fifty person in Bangkeawfa Industrial And Community Education College.The research tools consisted of the ratio of ingredients suitable and data was collected through questionnaires percentage. The results of these analyses showed that 1. The most appropriate suitable formula 1 areRiberry Powder 16 %, Coconut oil 30 %,Dired milk 24%, Turmeric 6 %,White clay filler 24%,for to make Riceberry Body Scrub 2. Shelf life storage of the RiceberryBodyScrub had shelf life for 3 month. 3. The research tools consisted data was collected through questionnaires percentage, mean, standard deviation. 4. The results of these analyses showed that satisfaction of populations and evaluation was high satisfied level.

Benefits and Features

Helps to moisturize the skin.

Helps neutralize free radicals.
Cleanses, lightens, and moisturizes.

Your skin will be touchable softer and lighter.


# Name
1Miss Naruemol Chantharasena
2Miss Suthathip Busamsai
3Miss. Sujeeporn Klansanit
4Mr. Nunnaphat Sakunrat
5Miss. Benjarat Tubtimsai


# Name
1Miss Wasana Kornngon
2Kanokwan Yoophochana
3Miss. Kanya Ngamlert
4Miss. Supaporn Onsalun
5Miss. Pacharaporn Lebkhao
6Miss. Rungnapa Teirakul
7Miss Patthayaporn Thalerngkoblab