Sesbania Herbal Drink


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Nowadays, Thailand has a hot climate that lasts longer. Make the draft increase water requirements. The water that people like to eat a variety of types. And the type that is supposed to be popular is herbal water. The inventors recognize the problem of drinking water that is not beneficial to the body. It offers a new alternative to healthy drinking. By the project "Sesbania Flower"To adapt the herbs that are easily available in the local to be a drink that has a taste for drinking. Nutritional value. Along with the thirst quencher properties, The study of consumer satisfaction level on finished products, Sesbania tea drink, 3 flavors.It was found that coconut jelly flavor at the first level of satisfaction. Second, the taste of lemon honey. And the original flower flavor is satisfied.

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Sesbania herbs are all three flavors. 1. Sesame Sesame water. 2. Sesame honey. Lime juice. 3. Sesbania coconut water. Sesbania has many types of antioxidants. This will slow down the degeneration of cells. Prevent skin, wrinkles or premature aging. And to strengthen the body’s immune system to help neutralize heat, detoxify the fever, reduce heat in the body and quench thirst. Use as a diuretic. Nourish and heal