Walking robot for helping elderly people


# Name
1Miss Supaporn Donkrasin
2Miss Nungruthai Srikongpet
3Mrs.Jitranon Insang
4Mr.Chaiwut Suwanruang
5Mr.Thanit Nachaidee


# Name
1Miss.Oraphan Yansarn
2Mr.Sarun Sensuk
3Mr.Weerachart Kawee
4Miss.Simarporn Jantahong
5Mr. Narongchai Tin-Um-Nat
6Mr.Tewapon nontawong
7Pikanate Sangsadoh
8Miss Anittaya Poohsatit

Kalasin Technical College

Type of : English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


By developing a walking robot for convenience to the elderly and alerting children or relatives in case of emergency. It was found that the opinion level of 5 elderly people on the Walking Robot by the prioritize as follows. First, the maintenance is in a very good level. Second, the using is in a very good level. Third, the innovation is in a good level and forth, the designing is in a good level. Overall, the opinion levels of 5 elderly people were very good.

Features and Benefits

1. Helping the elderly people to hold on the things.
2. Contact with relatives whenever they need assistance by SMS.
3. Give directions to the elderly people.
4. Give directions to the elderly people.