Health Compress


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Health compress or herbal compress ball is being varity herb to use for relive body, skin care and massage for health. Ingredients to make herbal compress ball turmeric, lemon grass, kaffir lime, tamarind leaves, salt camphor, borneo camphor, cotton sheet, rope knit cutting board, How to make, chop all herb to small piece (This), then mix all ingredients together, finally put the herb in to cotton sheet and wrap into a tight. After that steam fifteen minutes and increases blood circulation

ประโยชน์ / คุณลักษณะ

It induces deep relaxation relieves stress and fatigue boosts both emotional and physical well-being assist alignment and postural integrity of the body circulation of blood and lymph stimulates the internal organs help to provide nourishment for the skin One of the best types of treatments for muscle and soft tissue pain is used in the farm of a herbal compress and energizing effect to body


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