Brownies Lueang Bang Toei


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล แผนก / ฝ่าย
1Miss.Nanthapat Pukproyoonratสามัญ
2Miss.Boontida Suksamaiสามัญ
3Miss.Jutiporn Subtaweepoolสามัญ


# ชื่อ - นามสกุล ระดับหลักสูตร
1Mr.Apisit Prempreeปวช.
2Mr. Surasak Poommaiปวช.


ประเภท : การประกวดการนำผลงานวิจัยนวัตกรรมสิ่งประดิษฐ์คนรุ่นใหม่ ภาคภาษาอังกฤษ


The objectives of this invention were to make brownie Lueang Bang Toei, to study the consumer satisfaction with brownie Lueang Bang Toei and to promote the utilization of local ingredients for commercial development. The methodology began by studying basic information of the method of cooking brownie and testing to make brownie Lueang Bang Toei. The results of this experiment showed that the 2-centimeter thickness brownie yieled. The best quality ratio of jackfruit seed-jackfruit flesh-stringy pulp was 150-50-50 grams. Overall sample’s satisfaction was at a high level (mean = 4.46). Three days was the number of days spent to store the product from production date at a room temperature. The maximum number of days stored was 7 days in case that the product was stored in a normal compartment of refrigerator.

ประโยชน์ / คุณลักษณะ

Brownie Leuang Bang Toei is a baked products. With ingredients from the ripe jackfruit 3 parts is jackfruit seed, jackfruit, and stringy pulp of the jackfruit. The jackfruit seed to strengthen the nutritional value of high protein diet and value with higher prices. They provide sweetness of natural and unique fragrance. Stringy pulp of the jackfruit still fiber. Brownie Leuang Bang Toei easy to maintain and easy to eat