Installing Door Helper

Prachaupkirikhan Technical College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The objectives of this study were (1) to invent the device for installing the door. (2) to compare the time for installing the door between people and the invented device. (3) to study the users’ satisfaction toward the invented device. The sample consisted of 20 people, contractors, construction material suppliers, construction workers and homeowners in Prachuapkirkhan. The research instrument was questionnaire. Data were analyzed using Mean and Standard deviation. Research findings were as follows: The invented device was used more efficiently than people, A technician installed the door with invented device in 14 minutes and 2 technicians in 10 minutes and 3 technicians in 6 minutes. The users’ satisfaction were 1) the design aspect (the stability and strength) at the highest level and 2) the quality aspect (easy usage) at the highest level.

Features and Benefits

1) Installing Door Helper can save the time more than normal way.
2) The people can use it in daily life.
3) It is as the facility tool and can be the commercial development in the future.


# Name
1Mr.Kumron Ponggerrone


# Name
1Mr.Arthit Yangsong
2Mr.Phayungklad Saelow
3Mr.Niyanit Nuntasan