Thai Rice Product

Suphanburi Vocational College

Type of: English Presentation Innovation and Invention Based on Research Methodology Contest


The purpose of this research was to study the formulas and methods of production of Thai rice products. This is a new concept to meet the needs of consumers and to study the appropriate amount of 5 types of rice. The amount of soybean milk , appropriate amount of ginger powder mixture and the study satisfaction between Thai rice and Kra ya sart products sold in the market.To maintain the quality and cracking of Thai rice for a longer time. This is a new product of Suphanburi Vocational College to continue commercial operation.

Features and Benefits

Focus on the development of products for Krayasart. The materials used in the production of Thai rice at a shortage. Irregular throughout the year. And only some local. Quality control of Thai rice production is difficult because it is also produced at the community level. There may be microbial contamination.Such as sandy and mud mixed with food additives, such as synthetic starch, preventive measures can harm consumers.
Thai Rice Products Made from 5 types of Thai rice include Jasmine rice,rice berry, Sangyod brown rice, brown rice and crab rice. Brought through the stirring process. Brought through the stirring process. It contains a variety of protein sources, vitamins and minerals. It also added ginger powder to help prolong the rancidity. Nutritional Supplements for Cholesterol Reduction and Cholesterol Longer product shelf life.


# Name
1Miss Wararat Rotthanong


# Name
1Miss Taksina Pattanasiri
2Mr.papungkorn Choaraha